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i usually cringe at anything disney related because i can’t freaking escape that place, but these are really cute!!!
(via DIY: Floral Minnie Ears | Disney Style)

Partners | Magic Kingdom by chris.alcoran on Flickr.




"I don’t really like the new CGI Princesses. Sure they’re cute, but I feel like Tiana was the last truly distinctive princess."

Walt was always at the front of technology. If he was around today He would be at the forefront of CGI. The main thing is the story no matter what medium it’s in

That… isn’t what this confession is even talking about. The OP is commenting on more or less the design and characteristics of the princesses, not the technology or the stories.
Compared to Tiana, the newer princesses aren’t that distinctive in their looks or personalities (with the exception of Merida).

but Merida was Pixar. All of the newer Disney princesses are based off of Rapunzel… 

Also like Walt died before most of us were even born so I don’t think anyone really knows what he would have wanted in any situation. Like it’s a nice idea but he was noted for being unpredictable and imaginative. It’s unlikely random fans have a knowledge of how he would’ve reacted to these sorts of challenges.